Kingfish or the narrow-barred Spanish mackerel is a mackerel of the Scombridae family found in a wide-ranging area centering in Southeast Asia, but as far west as the east coast of Africa and from the Middle East and along the northern coastal areas of the Indian Ocean. Spanish mackerel are highly valued fish.


Queenfish is an elongated, streamlined, predatory fish of the Indian and west Pacific Oceans. The attractive, bright, silver body contrasts with golden yellow streaks on the sides and dark yellow fins, while five to eight distinct dark blotches also run above the lateral line.


The Ribbonfish are pelagic fish with a slim, ribbon-like appearance with a long, compressed, tape-like body, short head, narrow mouth and feeble teeth. They are fished for food and eaten grilled or raw, as sashimi. Its flesh is firm yet tender when cooked, with a moderate level of “fishiness” to the smell and a low …

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Catfish can be silver, grey, white, tan, green or yellow colored, depending on the species. Catfish have large, flat head and elongated body. The mouth has four pairs of barbels. Most species of catfish have smooth skin (without scales) covered with mucus.


Tuna also called tunny are of great commercial value as food. They have approximately 1 to a maximum of 5 grams of fat per 100 gram portion and less than 50 milligrams of cholesterol and sodium. It is a source of high-quality protein with almost no fat. It contains all essential amino acids required by …

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Red Seabream

Red Seabream the red color of the fish and flesh, the shape and taste are particularly appealing and it is a popular food fish throughout its range. It is particularly high priced in Japan where it is much sought for ceremonies and celebrations. It is important both as a game fish. Much of the catch …

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Emperor Fish

Emperor fish are found in tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are benthic feeders, consuming invertebrates and small fishes. Emperor is a highly regarded food fish. It’s lovely firm white flesh, large flake and delicate flavour are all appealing.


Cuttlefish is characterized by a thick internal calcified shell called the cuttlebone. They have eight arms and two longer tentacles that are used in capturing prey. Nearly all parts is edible, including the bodies, fins, tentacles and the ink, which can be used to colour and flavour rice or pasta dishes.


Sardines are a nutrient-rich small oily fish widely consumed by humans. It is a source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are at the bottom of the aquatic food chain, feeding solely on plankton, and therefore do not concentrate heavy metals, such as mercury, and contaminants as do some other fish

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